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October 23, 2017

Patient Urgency

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On Sunday, September 17, the United States Bishops celebrated Catechetical Sunday and initiated a year entitled, "Living as Missionary Disciples." With this theme in mind, the message series for the coming year will tap into this notion. The first series will begin this weekend and is entitled, "Patient Urgency." From the very early days of the Church, the proclamation of the Good News had an urgency to it, yet with the understanding that we must wait for God's final act. Thus, we must patiently proclaim an urgent message.

On Sunday, September 24, Fr. Peter will introduce the message series by relating it to the parable of the landowner who sends workers to the vineyard at various times during the day. While there is always time ahead of us, the Master can arrive at any time. No matter when one comes to Christ, the important thing is that he or she get there. 

On Sunday, October 1, the central role of discipleship in the believer will be highlighted. Anyone who professes Faith in Jesus Christ needs to manifest this belief in his or her life. The profession of Faith is more than a mere recitation of words, it is a way of life. In this regard, the Gospel message is urgent and each of us must proclaim it to non-believers patiently.

On Sunday, October 8, we see how God has granted us Stewardship of the Good News. The one thing in return God has asked is that we produce abundant fruit. It is by proclaiming the Good News with a patient urgency that we will yield results for God.

On Sunday, October 15, Fr. Peter will conclude the series by encouraging everyone to make Missionary Discipleship a top priority. Every Catholic should feel an urgent compulsion to go forth and proclaim the Good News to non-believers so that they will be guests at the Wedding Feast in Heaven. It does not matter how long it takes to reach someone with the Gospel message, we should always be eager and willing so share it.

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