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Be Restorative

Our parish will present a six week message series that will conclude on the Feast of Christ the King. In light of the theme set by the bishops, "Living as Missionary Disciples," this new series will be called, "Be Restorative." One of the characteristics of a disciple is working for the restoration God envisions. This series will consist of 2 parts. The first will be "Through Humble Submission" and the second "Through Generosity and Action."


san francesco saint francis


Through Humble Sumission...

On Sunday, October 22 we introduce the series by focusing on how a disciple is one who works for God in restoring what is broken or lost. On this weekend, Jesus tells us to repay to God what belongs to God. Yet everything belongs to God. It is up to us to restore to God what belongs to Him - the souls of the lost in this world.

On Sunday, October 29 we hear Jesus give us the great Commandment to Love. The only way to Love as God calls us to do is to humbly submit ourselves to His Holy Will! Restoration will then come when we see others as persons to Love, not problems to fix.

On Sunday, November 5 Jesus reminds us that the humble will be exalted. The humble are the ones who Love others and work toward helping them be restored to the highest dignity established by God. Like St. Francis who was called to rebuild the Church, we must all return to a humble way of life as part of the restoration process. This is a good weekend to reread the Beatitudes which began Jesus' public ministry in Matthew's Gospel.


Through Generosity and Action...

On Sunday, November 12 we hear the parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins. In this regard, it is our responsibility to let others know their need for Grace and how to obtain it. There are many things we can share and many things we cannot. Sacramental Grace must be obtained by the person as we cannot give ours to another. The restoration of the soul envisioned by God is through Grace.

On Sunday, November 19 we hear the parable of the servants given various amounts of money while the owner was away. Each were to make a generous return with the money entrusted to him. The one who did not make a return is deemed lazy and unworthy. We must always be very generous with our time and money in helping restore the Church and fulfill Her Mission.

On Sunday, November 26 we hear the parable of the Great Judgment. Our generosity toward the Church and others allows them to be restored to their dignity. When Christ comes to Judge the living and the dead, He will expect that we have served Him in the least of His brothers and sisters. Through our generosity and action we will help restore them and serve Christ in the process.


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Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic Church located in the incorporated Village of Valley Stream, NY. The parish was established in 1950 and continues to serve the needs of the residents of North Valley Stream. If you are new to our neighborhood, please feel free to stop by our parish office during normal visiting hours to find out more about how to become a member of the parish.

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