Ash-Wednesday 2

March 1, 2017

7:30 AM - Service
9:00 AM - Mass
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7:30 PM - Mass

"In the poor and outcast we see Christ's face; by loving and helping the poor, we love and serve Christ." — Pope Francis

Live Christ Share Christ


The Live Christ Share Christ (LCSC) is our response to the call to New Evangelization. It is the goal of LCSC to bring nominal Catholics back to active involvement in the Church, and to start to deepen the faith of everyone in the parish. The entry point is a Life in Christ Retreat/Seminar (LCS) which helps bring Catholics to transformation in Christ, with a continuing personal relationship with Jesus as Savior and Lord.

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We invite our fellow parishioners to join us as we rekindle the fire of the holy Spirit in us. Experience the joy of meeting, living, and sharing Christ. Come and see... be part of something great! 





Raise the Bar!


For the next three weeks, we will continue to follow the Sermon on the Mount in St. Matthew's Gospel. During these weeks, our focus will be on challenging every parishioner to "Raise the Bar" of his or her spiritual life. A True Disciple surrenders himself or herself totally to God.

For the weekend of February 11-12, Jesus claims to be the fulfillment of the Law. Those who emphasizes the keeping of the individual laws often fall into the trap of minimalism. Jesus raises the bar by taking the individual laws and raising them to the highest order of the Law - Love.

On the weekend of February 18-19, Jesus reminds us that if we truly are a follower and disciple, our entire character must be different than the secularists. Too many today boast about their worldly achievements while falling short of the challenge Jesus gives to Raise the Bar, that is, to the point of loving our enemies. A disciple must choose Christ in all things!

On the weekend of February 25-26, we will kick off our Sustained Offertory Campaign. In order to Raise the Bar, Jesus tells us to decide which master we will serve, God or mammon. Those who Raise the Bar have no problem trusting in God and always make a generous response. The intentional disciple serves others unreservedly and makes a generous return to God. As those freed by Christ, that is, no longer slaves to mammon, we are the Children of God. Live as a Child!


Blessed Sacrament is a Roman Catholic Church located in the incorporated Village of Valley Stream, NY. The parish was established in 1950 and continues to serve the needs of the residents of North Valley Stream. If you are new to our neighborhood, please feel free to stop by our parish office during normal visiting hours to find out more about how to become a member of the parish.

We want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with our Parish and the many prayer opportunities we offer. If you are not familiar with our Parish and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

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