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RE News and Announcements

R.S.V.P to God with... What Really Matters Perhaps you may relate to this, but I am not much of a morning person. Every now and again, however, if I have a good reason, I find myself not only up with the sun but happy about it (and without the aid…
Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Fortitude   The thing about fire is that it is fickle and often unpredictable. It is dictated by the elements around it and requires both fuel and oxygen to stay lit. Yet, when controlled and given consistent quantities of both, fire is…


Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Justice   Justice is the cardinal virtue that involves the "constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbor" (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1807).   Two things we can note from this definition are that we must will…


Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Prudence   Last week we spoke about the Cardinal Virtue of Temperance. We learned that, through it, we are disposed to see clearly the paths of right and wrong, allow us to fall into right relationship with each other, and not to…


Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Temperance   Inside each and every one of us, no matter our place on the journey of faith, no matter our affiliation to country or creed, no matter our station in life or our level of uprightness, has a spark of the…


Journey to Sainthood (All Parts: 1-5) Part 1: Journey by Faith This Sunday’s Gospel brings up many poignant questions: "Who is the faithful and prudent servant?"; "How do we prepare for the Master?"; "What does it mean to be entrusted?"; "With what are we entrusted?"; and, "Just what is the…
“Where is your God?”: The Relevance of the Resurrection in a World without God   GODISNOWHERE. What does this say? Depending on how you read it, it either states that “God is nowhere” or “God is now here.”   For believers, especially during Easter, the latter form is something of…


Saturday's Faith Formation sessions are CANCELLED do to the pending winter storm.   As a reminder, the level 4-6 parent meeting is will now be held duringsessions on January 30 and the Game Day originally scheduled for that daywill be on Saturday, February 27. Thank you for your attentiveness and…
What can be said about Christmas, about the Nativity of Jesus Christ, that has not already been said? Is there an angle that has not yet been tried? An avenue not yet taken? Probably not. Yet, our celebration of the season is far from trite and our capability to engage…
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