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This page is provided to parishioners of the Church of Blessed Sacrament as part of our continuing effort to make forms and other relevant information readily accessible. Please select the category in the dropdown listbox above to view files available for download.
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Religious Freedom Flyer Religious Freedom Flyer HOT

Each day more and more of our Religious Freedoms are encroached upon as our 1st Ammendment freedoms of religion become increasingly misinterpreted in favor of freedoms from religion.

Despite this (and efforts of others to try and convince us otherwise or enact protocols that oppose religious expression in the public arena), the 1st Ammendment still stands. And in response to this barage, we need to be vigilant in not only defending our religious freedoms, but also in expressing those rights.

This flyer helps to outline our religious liberties, specifically as they relate to children and adults in a public school setting. You may be surprised by what you are allowed to do.

This is also a good time to remind families that the month in which we celebrate our religous freedoms is January with January 18 officially being Religous Liberties Sunday.


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