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This page is provided to parishioners of the Church of Blessed Sacrament as part of our continuing effort to make forms and other relevant information readily accessible. Please select the category in the dropdown listbox above to view files available for download.
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Sponsor Testimony Form Sponsor Testimony Form HOT

This is the Sponsor Testimony Form.

All Sacrament Sponsors (Godparents and Confirmation/RCIA sponsors) MUST present this form to their home parish (not the parish of the candidate/child, unless the parish is the same) to be signed off on by the parish pastor or a delegate of his.

Additional paperwork may be required depending on the guidelines of the particular parish. Sponsors and Godparents are advised to read the guidelines for sponsorship (included on the form) thoroughly and call ahead to determine if anything else will be needed.

Sponsors and Godparents cannot move forward in their roles without this form on file for the sacramental candidate.

Note: If issues regarding the ability to be a sponsor should arise, they are most likely capable of being amended, but may take sometime time depending on the issue. Sponsors and Godparents are urged to plan ahead and prepare well in advance (at least several months or as soon as possible) in order to have the time necessary to address any such issues.


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