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Stir into Flame the Gift of God, Part 2

Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Prudence
Last week we spoke about the Cardinal Virtue of Temperance. We learned that, through it, we are disposed to see clearly the paths of right and wrong, allow us to fall into right relationship with each other, and not to let our emotions and irrational desires affect how we perceive reality.
Temperance allows us to reason rightly and St. Thomas Aquinas notes that Prudence is "right reason in action." Thus, Prudence is not just the discernment of the good, but the ability know the means of achieving it.
In this Sunday's gospel, we see the example of prudent behavior in the actions of the dishonest servant. Even though he showed the vice of greed and mismanaged his masters affairs, he saw a right course of action that was in the best interests of everyone and took it.
Prudence is required to find the "win-win" when no initial outcome seems beneficial, but, as the steward learned, it may require extra work and sacrifice, especially since we live in a world mired in sin where the best possible outcome is not always desired, much less ideal.
For more on the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence, CLICK HERE to watch a short (< 3 minute) video.
This Sunday is also Catechetical Sunday and the national theme is "Prayer: The Faith Prayed.  Our diocese is also emphasizing Human Dignity and continuing to highlight the Year of Mercy.
Prayer and Mercy are cornerstones of our faith, and, when we approach them while cultivating a virtuous life, we inherently find the good within all of us that allows us to recognize the truths of human dignity.
Of course, Prudence also tells us that is is not enough to know this, but also that we must share this knowledge. It is why the task of catechesis, that is passing on the faith, is so important and not just for catechists and parents, but for all faithful members of the Church..
HERE is a playlist of the music that we will be using at the masses this weekend.


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