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Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Justice

Stir into Flame the Gift of God with... Justice
Justice is the cardinal virtue that involves the "constant and firm will to give their due to God and neighbor" (Catechism of the Catholic Church 1807).
Two things we can note from this definition are that we must will just action: "I want to be a just person and I shall do just things/render justice/etc."
Justice, like all the other virtues is something we do deliberately.
But justice is also gauged by the individual's need. What might be necessary or "due" one person is not the same as what is "due" another.
We live in a world that is obsessed with equality. And being equal is good. But equality is not the same thing as sameness, and neither is justice.
Justice is not about making sure I have the same things as another person. Justice is about being able to have what I need to be me and do what I need to do and the other person having what they need, which may be a completely different set of things.
As human beings, we have basic needs that are universal such as food, clothes, clean water, etc. It is a matter of justice that those who have these in abundance share with those that do not, unlike the rich man in this Sunday's gospel who did not even acknowledge the personhood of Lazarus, much less his basic needs.
To stir into Flame the Gift of God with Justice, we must, with the eyes of charity, see the other, recognize where their needs are not being met, and do what we can to assist.
We must discern the gifts and blessings of God in our life and direct them outward for His glory and the benefit of our neighbors. In a just world, our neighbors will act in kind toward us, and we can begin a cycle of justice and peace in the spirit of Christ. 
For more on the Cardinal Virtue of Justice,
to watch a short (< 3 minute) video.
HERE is a playlist of the music that we will be using at the masses this weekend.


The Cardinal Virtue of Justice The Christophers

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