Advent Resources

Advent Resources Advent Resources

As busy as the this time of year is with all the preparations for Christmas – the parties, shopping, decorating, planning, etc – it is more important than ever that we take some time out for reflection and prayer.


This may not seem like the most productive use of our time, but it is essential, and, believe it or not, will help us to get through all of the craziness of everything else. I always find it amazing how much time I get back just from approaching my immense to-do list with the sense of centeredness that has come from even a small amount of prayer and reflection.


Below are some links to some great resources for the Advent season that are not time-consuming at all and can really help us to spiritually prepare for the coming of Christ at Christmas.

  1. YouTube Advent playlist
  1. Downloadable collection of Advent prayer services
  1. Loyola Press resources – they have tons of great activities
  1. “Moments of Mercy” – short reflections emailed to you every morning of Advent
  1. Bishop Robert Barron’s daily Advent reflections – also emailed every morning
  1. The “Advent Challenge” – daily reflections (with video!) for Advent

I hope you will find these resources helpful for you. I highly recommend carving out some family time and using these to pray and talk about Advent.


Lastly, know that as the season continues to rev up, my prayers are with you and your family that you experience the fullest of peace and joy to which the Advent season brings us.


God Bless,



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