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Parish Registration

Register Your Family

Our parish uses state-of-the-art online parish census software. Whether you are new to the parish or registered for many years, you can use this site to provide accurate information about your family.

The Church of the Blessed Sacrament has been working with a company named Parishsoft for many years. Recently, this company switched to an online version of its census software. Before this switch, all census data was housed on a local computer in the office and you would have to contact the parish office to provide the parish with your family information. Now the data can be accessed by any computer connected to the Internet. This means parishioners can input and maintain their information from their own home.

The online software, named ConnectNow, is 100% PCI compliant. What this means is your personal information is completely safe. Please click on the image below to access the online login page.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 27 December 2016 05:36

Fr. Peter Dugandzic

Fr. Peter Dugandzic is the pastor of Blessed Sacrament Church.

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