Wedding Liturgy Planning

Prayers and Readings

As your wedding day draws near, it is important that you speak with the priest or deacon who will celebrate the liturgy to assist you in planning your wedding liturgy.

On this page are links to the Together for Life planning sheet and the various prayers and readings. The priest or deacon should have given you the sixth edition of the Together for Life booklet at one of your meetings with him. The links on this page are the same as what you find in that booklet. The last page in the booklet is the planning sheet or you can download it from this page. 

In order to plan the liturgy, you first must decide if you will be having a Mass or a ceremony. If you are having a ceremony, certain sections are omitted as noted below and on the planning sheet. In either case, the Together for Life booklet has broken the liturgy into a step by step format to make your planning easy.

As you see below, there is a letter/number combination for each part of the liturgy. When you select a particular prayer or reading, you simply record the letter and number on the planning sheet. When you have finished filling out the planning sheet, please make an appointment with the priest or deacon to review your selections.

In conjuction with planning the prayers and readings, you should also plan the music. Please click here to access the Music Planning Page

Please note the booklet has many options for the vows (section H) but there are basically 2 forms. The only difference is whether you will repeat after the priest of answer the question with "I Do". Therefore only 4 forms were uploaded.

Here are the choices for each of the Mass parts. Click on the link to see the PDF with the selections. 

Section Numbers Part Mass/Ceremony
1 - 6  Opening Prayers Both
1 - 9  Old Testament Both
C Psalm  Sung (see Music) Both
D 1 - 13  New Testament Both
E Verse Sung (see Music) Both
1 - 10  Gospel Both
G 1 Consent Both
1 - 4  Vows Both
1, 4, 5  Blessing of Rings  Both
1-3 & 1A-3A  Intercessions  Both
1 - 3  Offering Prayers    Mass only
1 - 3  Preface   Mass ony
M 1 - 3  Nuptial Blessing  Both
1 - 3  Communion Prayer   Mass Only
1 - 3  Final Blessing  Both

If there are any other options you wish to consider, please discuss it with the priest or deacon.